Pilgrimage Packages from Philippines

: Amman * Mt Nebo * Madaba * Petra * Yardenit * Jordan River *
Nazareth * Annunciation * Cana * Mt Tabor * Tiberias * Tabgha * Capernaum * Mt.Carmel * Elijah’s Cave * Jafa *
Ein Karem * Visitation * Jerusalem * Magnificat * Bethlehem* Nativity * Mt Scopus * Dormition Abbey * Gethsemane *
Jericho * Qumran * Dead Sea



: Rome * St Peter’s Basilica * Scala Santa * Trevi Fountain * Assisi * St Francis’ Crypt *
St Marie Degli Angeli * Florence * Piazzale Michaelangelo * Leaning Tower of  Pisa * Monte Carlo * Grand Palace * Nice * French Riviera * Lourdes *
Cachot * House of St Bernadette * Grotto * Andora * Barcelona * Royal Basilica * Monserrat * Zaragosa * Our Lady of the Pillar * Sagrada Familia *
Madrid * Palacio Real *  Toledo *  Avila * Salamanca * Fatima



  1. pls. e mail the itinerary of the europe sightseing with Lourdes and Fatima scheduled
    Nov.17 and how much. tnx.

  2. Hi
    Im interested to join the Israel/egypt/jordan tour in feb22-march 5. When is the deadline for booking/payment?

    • Hi Ms Bing,
      Thank you for your message. We have just updated the article and new departures are posted. The February departure unfortunately got dissolved because the core group changed their travel to April. Please choose from any of the 3 departure dates. deadline for submission of passports is 45 days prior to departure and full payment should be made 30 days before departure. Reservations is first come / first serve (first to deposit US$300 per person gets to reserve a seat). We usually accept up to bus capacity (40-50 persons) however, to make the tour more enjoyable, we keep the participants within 30 to 35 range only. First 35 paying participants will be provided guaranteed departures. Should you have any questions, please e-mail pirkkotroy@gmail.com or visit pirkkotroy.com.


  3. Hi! can u send us an email on how much is the total cost and expenses for the tour including the itenerary ang hotel reservations…thnx

  4. Thanks for this. I’m interested in the Marian Pilgrimage. When is the deadline for the November trip?

    • Hi,

      Thank you for your interest in our Europe Marian Tour. :)

      Our November 2013 departure is not yet set but will most likely be the same dates. For 2013, we have:
      Europe Marian Tour with Padre Pio departing May 17 – 31, 2013
      Medjugorje Tour with Padre Pio departing April 16 – 29, 2013

      For more information, please visit http://www.pirkkotroy.com under Pilgrimage tours for the latest updates.

      Deadlines are usually 45-60 days prior to departure to give time to visa processing (which may take 15-21 days depending on the embassy) and group ticket issuance (30 days before departure). Should you wish to make a reservation, please e-mail pirkkotroy@gmail.com (you may look for Butch).


  5. I am interested in a pilgrimage to Italy and France in June-July months or Sept-Oct months in 2013. Do you have any trips planned for these times?

    • Hi Ms Maria,

      Thank you for your message. Yes, We traditionally have a Europe by Troy and Europe Marian Tour on October every year. Please check our website at http://www.pirkkotroy.com from time to time or subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest updates when available. Thanks!


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  7. can you send me the complete itinerary .my grandson in the phils,wants to go

  8. gud eve,i would like to ask if you have any schedule in pilgrimage tour on sept-oct-nov 2013 going to rome italy?Im interested to join so pls give me details about your schedule and how much will be the total cost and expenses.Thanks…

    • Hi Cecille,

      Thank you for your message. Our Europe Marian Tours are always scheduled yearly on March, April, May, October and November. Currently we do not have a tentative date yet but will surely have a departure date for those months. Please check back on us here or visit our website at http://www.pirkkotroy.com and/or subscribe to our newsletter.

      -Troy A.

  9. My friend wanted me to join a Marian pilgrimage sometime in October. May I know how much it costs? Thanks ..

    • Hi Angie,

      Thank you for your interest in joining a Europe Marian Pilgrimage Tour. We have sent you an e-mail regarding that matter and have updated the article post above. You may click on St. Padre Pio with Marian Tour link above and will direct you to the itinerary and tour cost for the October 26 – November 09, 2013 departure.

      Troy A.

  10. Good day sir. Do you have a special pilgrimage for the canonization of pope john paul ?
    Please inform me if there is any. Thank you!

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your message. There are still no exact date when will Pope John Paul II will be canonized, so until we get the confirmed date, we will not yet set a package tour. Definitely, like what we did at the canonization of St Pedro Calungsod, we will organize a pilgrimage tour for Filipinos. Please visit our blog and website (http://www.pirkkotroy.com) regularly for updates.

      Troy A.

  11. Hi, I am interested to join the group tour to Italy on 2014-15, pls email me the exact date.. .


  12. hi! please email me the itinerary and estimated possible cost for a jerusalem pilgrimage to leaseback2009@yahoo.com. thank you. hope to hear from u.

    • Hi Ms Maristhel,

      Thank you for your message. We have sent an e-mail regarding your inquiry.

      Troy A.

  13. hi i want to know how much possible cost pilgrimage to israel for 2014-2015,, my e-mail add : erma_8016@yahoo.com thanks

    • Hi Ms Mhara,

      Thank you for your message. We have sent you the details via e-mail.

      -Troy A.

  14. I am interested in to join the group Do you have schedule in November or december ?

    • Hi Richell,

      Thank you for your interest in our Pilgrimage tours. We have a departure on November 19 – 29, 2013. Please check our website to check the tour and costs and print the itinerary http://www.pirkkotroy.com/holylandjordanisraelegypt.php.

      For the Europe Marian Tour with Padre Pio, we only have October and the next “might be” on March 2014.

      Troy A.

  15. Hi,

    I’m trying to look for a Canonization Pilgrim tour for Rome on April 27, 2014 or somewhere in that period. This tour coincides with the canonization of two Popes sometime in April 2014. Please email me the details including the costs and itinerary. Thank you.

    • Hi Juliet,

      We (and probably most travel agencies and tour operators) are already in the process of creating a group departure tour for that time. As soon as we have set the flights, accommodations and services, we shall send you an e-mail soon.


  16. I am interested in upcoming pilgrimage in rome together with my mother.please send me the complete interinary and cost price.Thank you and God bless.

  17. Hi sir,

    Interested po kmi ng cousin ko sumama sa cononation ni papa. If ever po bn meron kyong trip doon kelangan p po b n mag apply kmi ng tourist visa pr makajoin? O kyo n po lahat ang bahala.
    Thanks po

  18. Pls send itinerary and costs of a Marian pilgrimage next year 2014. Thanks.

  19. Please email the tour packages you are offering for 2014. Please include the itinerary and cost. Thanks

    • Hi Mr Adan,

      Thank you for your interest in our package tours. We have been trying to send the itineraries on the email you provided in this site but it bounces back (error sending message). Please e-mail us at pirkkotroy@gmail.com and we shall reply to you the packages including their costs.

      Thanks and happy new year!

  20. Hi, kindly send info kung magkano ang pilgrimage tour sa rome. It is my mother’s wish to celebrate her 80th birthday in Rome (Oct. 29, 2014)
    I will be accompanying her.Please let know when to apply for the visa.
    Thanks a lot.
    God bless

  21. Hi im want to bring my parents to jerusalem with me and i want to see the east gate of jerusalem… How much would it take? Kindly email me at blue_despirited@yahoo.com

  22. About the processing of visa. I’m i n USA while mom is in Philippines. How can I submit my
    passport for visa processing when I’m outside Philippines.

    • Hi Jo,

      Thank you for dropping by our blog and your message.
      If you are in the USA and is still holding a Philippine passport, you will need to apply to the nearest Schengen state Embassy (if you are joining a European Pilgrimage Tour). If you are joining a Holyland pilgrimage tour, all we need is a scanned copy of your passport and visa processing will be treated as group.

  23. Pls email me schedule of marian tour europe 2015.i need the prices also if i join from cebu.no need for visa as i am holding brit passport.thanks.

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